Happy Lotus Throwing!


Today is the Rap Bua Festival (“Lotus Flower Receiving Festival”)
in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan, Thailand. It is also called the Yon Bua Festival which translates as “Lotus Throwing Festival.”

The Lotus Throwing Festival is the better name as that is basically what one does at this festival: throw lotus flowers at a boat with a replica of the famous Buddha statue, Luang Poh Toh.

People gather along the banks of the Samrong Canal to throw the flowers at the boat as it passes by. The lotus flowers carry prayers and wishes to the Buddha. Flowers that land on the Buddha’s lap help make their prayers and wishes come true.

Living in Houston, Texas makes it somewhat of a challenge to participate in this festival, not unlike the experience of celebrating Hungry Ghost Month.

Yet, it is my experience of celebrating Hungry Ghost Month that has brought me here today, to The Lotus Throwing Festival.

And, to the creation of my latest iBook,
Through the Lotus Looking Glass…
133 lotus flowers I humbly throw at Luang Poh Toh.


Download a free copy of Through the Lotus Looking Glass.

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A lotus feeding frenzy.  Lotus Throwing Festival In Thailand